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I make weighted blankets and weighted lap pads customised to suit your needs. You choose the size, the weight and the fabric.


Hover over the Weighted Blankets tab above to navigate to the Prices & Payment page where you will see prices for weighted blankets and lap pads in a range of popular sizes and weights. I can easily make other size/weight combinations; please ask me for a quote.


Look under the Fabrics tab to see hundreds of printed cottons and minky fabrics. I also have cottons and polar fleece in plain solid colours. These have not been photographed; just tell me what colour you would like. I can also accommodate requests for special fabrics such as satin, flannelette or cotton drill.

Please order or request a quote by email, text or phone. My contact details and a list of the information I need to know is listed on the Contact page of this website. Alternatively, you may place an order by purchasing a listing in my online Etsy store (click on the heading above), or request a quote by messaging me via Etsy. 

I also currently have a stock of very lightly used ex-trial weighted blankets for sale. These have spent more time in a washing machine than on a person. Details are on the Lightly Used Items page.


The weighted blankets are filled with glass microbeads (the default option) or poly plastic pellets (available on request). All blankets are made of 4 pieces of fabric, two outer fabric pieces and two lining pieces. This ensures that the filling does not stretch the outer fabric, especially if it is a minky fabric. All blankets are stitched in sections of 16 cm x 16 cm or smaller to ensure that the microbeads or poly pellets remain spread over the blanket.


All blankets are machine washable. I suggest washing heavier blankets in a large size commercial washer at a laundromat. Machine washing will not damage the blanket but may unbalance your washing machine if it is not designed to handle the weight. Blankets can also be dried in a dryer.


The LaughLand Weighted Blankets facebook page doubles as a blog and photo gallery of weighted blankets. It shows examples of completed blankets, as well as additional info and links about weighted products. You are welcome to post questions, reviews or photos (if you have bought a blanket from me) on this page.

Not sure that an independent small maker can match the quality of the larger brands? Check out my customer reviews here and here.


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