NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

NDIS participants, I am a registered NDIS provider in the registration group Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety. I can provide detailed quotes and receipts, and I am able to make service bookings and claim payment for weighted blankets via the NDIS provider portal. If you cannot find LaughLand Weighted Blankets in the Provider Finder, please look for Fraser, Anne or NDIS provider registration number 4050012049.


NDIS-managed or agency-managed funding

Weighted blankets are a type of 'assistive technology' which is purchased with either Consumables funding for low cost items for personal care and safety or Assistive Technology funding that has been especially reserved for weighted items. 

As a registered provider I can make service bookings for participants who have agency-managed or NDIS-managed funding. If you are interested in purchasing a weighted blanket or lap pad with your funding, please contact me for more information. If you are not sure whether you have the right type of funding, I can check this using your NDIS details. Specifically, I need to know the participant's name, NDIS number and date of birth. In order to make a service booking and go ahead with an order, we also need to have discussed and agreed on the details of the purchase.

Funding managed by a third party plan manager


You can use your funding to buy a weighted blanket if your plan manager or financial intermediary approves it. Plan managers vary in their approach to weighted items. You may have to provide a recommendation or letter from a health professional so that the plan manager is satisfied that a weighted blanket is reasonable and necessary and all safety considerations have been taken into account. I can provide detailed quotes and send invoices to plan managers if they are handling the purchase, or provide receipts if you are making the purchase and then being reimbursed by the plan manager.


Self-managed funding


If you self-manage funding for yourself or a family member, you may be able to use it to buy a weighted blanket if it is what you need and you have taken safety considerations into account. I can provide detailed quotes for you to send to the NDIA if you receive the funds before making the purchase. I can provide receipts if you are making the purchase first and then being reimbursed by the NDIA. 

Obligations as a Registered Provider

LaughLand Weighted Blankets operates in accordance with requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. LaughLand has policies and procedures in place for managing adverse incidents, risks, and feedback and complaints. Here are links to LaughLand policy documents and the NDIS Commission documents that underpin the policies.

NDIS Code of Conduct


NDIS Code of Conduct poster


LaughLand Weighted Blankets Incident Management System

Incident Management Systems: Detailed guidance for registered NDIS providers

Reportable incidents: Detailed guidance for registered NDIS providers

LaughLand Weighted Blankets Complaint Management and Resolution System

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission: Effective Complaint Handling Guidelines for NDIS Providers

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission: Complaints Management and Resolution Guidance (Version 2.1 – September 2019)

How to Make a Complaint – Easy Version

How to Make a Complaint poster



The NDIS is being rolled out across Australia, replacing state-based funding for disability support. In order to access funding, NDIS participants (individuals who have funding approved) and the NDIS agree on a 'plan' that details the amount of funding they can spend on various categories of support. I am happy to talk directly to support coordinators, local area coordinators, plan managers, therapists and service providers about how a weighted blanket can be included in your plan, but I am not able to give general information about the NDIS or assist you to get funding in the first place.


More information about the NDIS is available on their website here.

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