Relaxing Shoulder Wraps

This relaxing weighted wrap helps relieve stress and tension in your shoulders and neck. The weight feels physically soothing and psychologically calming. Great to help you wind down after a day in the office or while travelling. Or wear it at work; the simple shawl shape blends in with regular clothing and won't look out of place.

The wrap is designed for general use but is also a versatile and portable alternative for people who have a specific need for a weighted product. E.g. those who experience anxiety or sensory overload, or find that weight helps them concentrate, manage emotions and feel more secure and comforted. It can be folded in half and used like a lap pad, or simply laid across the body. 

relaxing weighted shoulder wrap
relaxing weighted shoulder wrap
relaxing weighted shoulder wrap

The wrap measures 1 metre long x 25 cm wide. It's made from soft minky fabric and is filled with glass microbeads. The weight of either 2 kg or 2.5 kg is evenly distributed in 24 separate sections. The broad width keeps the weight on your shoulders; the wrap doesn't bunch up around your neck.

Suitable for adults, teens and older children. Machine washable. Neatly and professionally sewn.


$45 (+ $10 delivery)

Use the arrows to scroll through the fabric options. Each fabric has a number and fabric name that identifies it. Click on a photo to see the identifying number and name.

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To order, please email, text 0400 441 044 or phone 0400 441 044 or (07) 4698 2362.


I will need the following information:

Your name

Your address

Whether you want a 2 kg or a 2.5 kg weighted wrap. Heavier and lighter wraps are available; there will be an adjustment to the price.

Your chosen fabrics. Please scroll through the collection above to see some examples. Click on a photo to see the fabric names. I can also mix and match these fabrics to create a different fabric combination.

These weighted wraps can also be purchased through my online Etsy store here.

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