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Try Before You Buy Service


We all have different sensory preferences and weighted blankets do not suit everyone. They are heavy and fall closely around you. For some, this is a heavenly feeling. For others, it's not particularly pleasant. If you are interested in weighted blankets but have never seen, held or tried one before, I offer the opportunity to try one first before making the decision to purchase.

I have weighted blankets in a range of sizes and weights that you can use for a trial period of approximately two weeks. Trial blankets are made from cotton fabric, either cotton calico or printed cotton. If you are interested in minky dot or smooth minky fabric (super-soft synthetic fabrics that are cuddly and nice to touch), I will include a small sample piece of fabric. All blankets are laundered between trials.


There is no actual charge to borrow a weighted blanket or to cover laundering costs but you must pay the cost of delivery and return of the trial blanket, as well as a deposit of approximately 30% of the price of a new blanket. The deposit is refunded in full when the blanket is returned. The cost of delivery varies depending on your location and the weight of the blanket: free to the Toowoomba/Crows Nest area; $13 each way for any weight to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich areas; $15 each way for blankets up to 4.5 kg; $25 each way for blankets up to 9.5 kg; $30 each way for blankets 10 kg and over.

Trying a weighted blanket is useful if you don't know whether weighted blankets are right for you or your child, and/or you don't know what is the best pressure. If you decide to order a blanket, it does not have to be the same size, weight or pressure as the trial blanket. This is a starting point to work out what suits you best. If you find that the trial weighted blanket is suitable as is, there is also the option of buying it at a reduced cost.

In order to use the trial service, please provide your name, address, contact phone number and email address. Payments and refunds will be made by Paypal, direct deposit or credit/debit card.


To access the trial service, please use the trial weighted blanket form on the Contact Me page of this website or message my facebook page.

The list below shows the size, weight and pressure of the trial weighted blankets that are available, as well as the deposit amount required. This is a popular service and what I have on hand varies according to demand. You may have a short wait while I make more trial blankets if your preferred size is not immediately available.











try before you buy weighted blankets